Undergraduate students

– Josué Barrera Redondo (graduated October 2014): Main advisor

Thesis title: Morphological and environmental factors associated to changes in substitution rates in ferns.

– Diego A Escamilla Arriaga (current): Main advisor

  Thesis title: Phylogeographic patterns of two wide-spread tree ferns in Mexico: Cyathea bicrenata and Alsophila firma (Cyatheaceae).

Graduate students

– Gabriel Merino Díaz (PhD, current): External co-advisor

  Thesis title: Genetic, physiological and morphological variation in scaly tree ferns (Cyatheaceae) along altitudinal gradients.

The fern team at Luis Eguiarte’s Lab (from left to right: Gabriel Merino, me, Josué Barrera, Diego Escamilla)